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 I wanted to keep this web page lite-to let us all laugh at all the crazy things crafters go through to finish crafts for a fair or as a Professional Designer.  I have craft mishaps all the time.  Have you ever glued your blouse together or had your dear glue gun burn you, I certainly have.  Plaid has developed a kit that has finger guards that will keep you from burning your fingers.  My craziest mishap was when I dropped a fully loaded paint brush in my lap.  We all know this is part of being a designer, but the rewards of completing the design is worth it.  There’s always another mishap coming around the corner.

In my business I work with glassware, napkins, tissue paper and glue. If you look at the top of the page, you will see a tab called “Art Closet”.  If you click on the tab you will be able to see my glassware and other crafts I have made.

On a personal note, I have two cats that when I open my ribbon box or use silk flowers they go into their battle mode.  Something that should take 30 minutes at the most can last an hour.  I feel that both of my cats think my studio belongs to them.  Also at times, I think both of the cats think it’s their job to help me out.  Why not close the door?  I can only take cats running at the door and body slamming it for so long.

Nana and Snorkie.

For those of you who have Fibromyalgia please don’t give up. I have had Fibro for over 10 years.  Just keep going, doing your craft projects will help you forget sometimes how much pain you are in.  The funny part is when I am in Fibro fog, I can really come up with some neat projects. One tip I can give you is to try to keep your crafts kind of organized.  This will help when you are having a bad attack.  In my craft business I just love going to fairs to meet people and going to trade shows.  I have family help me set up for fairs, then I will not be too tired to enjoy my fairs.  When I travel out of town to trade shows my husband accompanies me to help if I have a fibro attack.

First craft project I made for a craft fair.

First craft project I made for a craft fair.

Fan Ribbon Magnets

Ribbion Fans

My first memories of crafting was watching my mom make little slippers from old Christmas cards, and trying to cut out a reindeer from styrofoam.  My mom knew how to crochet, knit, plastic canvas and drawing.  Here is my best memory of crafting at an early age:

I had watched and watched my Mom and my Grandmother cut out patterns for clothes.  Then one day I saw some pretty yellow material and a pattern.  When everyone was in the kitchen cooking, I wanted to make a blouse.  I opened the pattern, laid out the material like the picture showed and I cut out everything in that pattern.  It’s a good thing that I had enough material.  This took an hour, at one point I looked up to see my Grandmother standing over me.  Just by the look on her face I knew this was not going to be my best day at trying to make a blouse.  My grandmother gave me sewing classes for a month.  The only problem was I didn’t want to sew.  I just wanted to cut things out, and let my mom sew the blouse!

If you would like to share any craft mishaps please just e-mail to me or you can post your mishaps under the tab called “Crafters Mishaps” for all of us to share.  You are always welcome to visit.  I will have pictures of new products that are coming out on the market when I go to the C.H.A. Trade Show.

I want to Thank my support group for helping me build my web site:

Peter, Barbara, Harry and Dr. Allberg.

P.S. I am also very dyslexic, each day and each project is different and that’s one reason I became a designer-HA-HA.  So, if I e-mail you – please ignore the TYPOS

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